Wheel of Dhamma "Dhamma Pitha"
Gurjar Vipassana Kendra
Village : Ranoda, Ta. Dholka, Dist. Amdavad. Gujarat - INDIA
Phone : +91 898 000 1112, +91 9426419397, e-mail : [email protected]
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Dhamma Pitha
Approximately 5 Minutes

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* Old Students only

Registration & Information:

+91 898 000 1110
+91 98240 65668
+91 9824419959
+91 94264 19397

[email protected]

City Office :A-803, Narnarayan Complex, Opp. Jalaram Chhas, Near Swastic Cross Road, Navrangpura, Amdavad - Gujarat - INDIA

Tel : +91 898 000 1110
[email protected]

Centre Contact:
Dhamma Pitha,
Gurjar Vipassana Kendra
Village Ranoda, Ta. Dholka, Dist. Amdavad - Gujarat - INDIA

Tel : +91 (2714) 294690
Tel : +91 94264 19397
Tel : +91 89800 01112

[email protected]
Bodhi Leaf Dhamma Service (Seva)

Old students having completed at least one 10-days course may apply to give service. To serve is not only a great contribution to offer Vipassana courses in this unique way but it is very beneficial in helping strengthen and developing one's own practice. Since the Centre is in the stage of continuous development, students may avail the opportunity to serve during courses and for maintenance of the centre as well as for construction and developmental activities.

Old students may apply to serve a course full- or part-time. Servers are always welcomed on courses and one may even apply to serve on a course which is already in progress. Please read the Code of Conduct for Dhamma Workers(Old student's user name and password wil be asked)* and then contact us.

Bodhi Leaf Long Term Service (Seva)


There always has to be at least one person staying as a long term server in the centre.

His /her responsibility broadly covers:

  • storekeeping
  • maintenance of office
  • point of contact
  • general administration related to the centre

Other responsibilities like helping in construction, helping in the garden, setting up a database, keeping the accounts ... will be according to skills and likings.

* To access these links, that have information for those who have completed at least one 10-day Vipassana Meditation course with S.N. Goenka or his Assistant Teachers, a password will be required, which is the same as that for the dhamma.org Old Student website. If you need assistance, please email the webmaster and kindly supply a few details such as when and where you sat your last course.




   May all beings be happy!