Wheel of Dhamma "Dhamma Pitha"
Gurjar Vipassana Kendra
Village : Ranoda, Ta. Dholka, Dist. Amdavad. Gujarat - INDIA
Phone : +91 898 000 1112, +91 9426419397, e-mail : [email protected]
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Dhamma Pitha
Approximately 5 Minutes

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* Old Students only

Registration & Information:

+91 898 000 1110
+91 98240 65668
+91 9824419959
+91 94264 19397

[email protected]

City Office :A-803, Narnarayan Complex, Opp. Jalaram Chhas, Near Swastic Cross Road, Navrangpura, Amdavad - Gujarat - INDIA

Tel : +91 898 000 1110
[email protected]

Centre Contact:
Dhamma Pitha,
Gurjar Vipassana Kendra
Village Ranoda, Ta. Dholka, Dist. Amdavad - Gujarat - INDIA

Tel : +91 (2714) 294690
Tel : +91 94264 19397
Tel : +91 89800 01112

[email protected]
Bodhi Leaf The Parami Of Generosity

Vipassana courses are run solely on the basis of freely offered donations. No fee is charged. The courses are financed totally by donations from students who have completed a prior course and have volition to share the benefits they have received by giving donations for the students who will come after them. Neither the Teacher nor the Assistant Teachers receive any remuneration; those who serve the courses volunteer their time solely motivated by gratitude for the benefits personally received from Vipassana.


Bodhi Leaf How donations are used:

Donations given at the end of a course and other general dana are used to finance future courses and centre operations. This includes current CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES for expansion of center from 60 students to 100 students, utilities, supplies and maintenance.


Bodhi Leaf Students may avail the opportunity to earn paramis by:

  • Meditating on the Dhamma land whenever possible
  • Donating in Cash
  • Donating in Kind (after duly checking with the Centre Management)
  • Offering Dhamma Service

All donations are exempt under section 80G of the I.T. ACT. Cheques or DD's may be addressed favouring "Gurjar Vipashyana Kendra". Donor should send name and complete address along with the cheque so that a receipt of donation is sent to the donor.

Donations can also be made through online banking systems. Details as below


Name: Gurjar Vipashyana Kendra

Account Number: 00697620000060

Bank Name: HDFC Bank


IFSC Code: HDFC0000069

Those who make any deposit in these accounts through Core Banking / online Banking transfers are requested to inform us by email to [email protected] or call us on +91 898 000 1110


   May all beings be happy!